Today I made the icon editor able to edit the skin and bodygroups. This also alters what the icon spawns. So for example, you can copy GMan’s icon and edit the bodygroup so that he spawns without the briefcase. Then you have 2 icons, one spawns with, one spawns without. Awesome. The HL1 and TF2 … Continue reading Bodygroups


I’ve been pretty productive over the last few days. I moved over to tumblr. Seemed stupid self hosting it when you can throw it on tumblr. I like tumblr.. especially their online theme editor. I made the design completely using that.  You can submit news to it too. I’m going to start posting … Continue reading Progress


That went pretty well considering the amount of stuff that could have got bollocksed up. There’s a few bugs but nothing that’s stopping people playing. The response seems to be pretty good. Even people with high expectations are pleased with it.. and that’s all you can ask for. If you can get past the first … Continue reading SUCCESS!


Man I bet you didn’t see this coming last week when I was posting nothing but Peep Show. Head over to or straight to the horse’s mouth. Also, if you find bugs and stuff it’d probably be best to get them organised in the new wiki.