The Plan

There’s a lot of changes in the next GMod update. Lots and lots. I’m not saying what I changed yet because it’s all subject to change. But believe me, this is the biggest change to GMod since GMod10 was released. Because this will undoubtedly break a lot of gamemodes and addons my plan is to hold a … Continue reading The Plan


I added Docking to GMod a while ago. GWEN uses it too. I don’t think many people designing GUI layouts in GMod know about it (probably because I only added it in the last 6 months and they’re learning from older code). I always feel like I learn better by looking at images rather than … Continue reading Docking


That went pretty well considering the amount of stuff that could have got bollocksed up. There’s a few bugs but nothing that’s stopping people playing. The response seems to be pretty good. Even people with high expectations are pleased with it.. and that’s all you can ask for. If you can get past the first … Continue reading SUCCESS!