Virtue Signalling

Sunday, February 4, 2018

I like the term "Virtue Signalling". Not because of what it means, but because what it did. It turned nothing into something. Before it entered modern consciousness people would rarely get called out for virtue signalling. I doubt it was even seen as a negative. But then there's an established term for it and it's like someone switched a light on. Snowflake, cuck, sjw, humble brag.. It seem like a lot of this has been happening lately. Usually with phrases that are more right leaning. It makes me wonder what terms we could be missing out on. Here's some ideas for words I'd like to have.

Drama Decoder

Whenever Alan says something Pete will try to find something to take the wrong way to start a controversy. It's usually done for retweets.


Pete spends $20 on a video game then negative reviews it after playing for 5000 hours and still plays it every day. Basically pretending he's not a fanboy.

Irrelevancy Miner

Pete hates Alan. When Alan says something Pete will search and share 4 year old quotes from Alan where he shared a different opinion.
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